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Neutering Your Cat

Cat Neutering
08/02/2018 The Neighbourhood Vet

Why Should I Neuter My Cat?

If you have decided to neuter your pet, you have made a great decision for your pets welfare, but are you aware of the variety of benefits this can bring your 4 legged companion?

Did you know it is well documented that neutered cats live longer? That’s enough to know you’re doing the right thing, isn’t it? Neutering prevents serious health issues such as certain types of cancer or Pyometra – a life-threatening infection of the womb. Generally, we do not recommend cats having either a litter or a season before being spayed. To our knowledge, they have no emotional benefit to having a season and have no long term benefit from being allowed to have a litter of kittens.

In fact, early spaying reduces the risk of breast cancer considerably:

– those spayed prior to 6 months of age had a 91% reduction in risk
– those spayed prior to 1 year of age had an 86% reduction in risk,
– those spayed between 12 and 24 months of age had an 11% risk reduction,
– after 24 months of age there was no benefit.

What this means is it’s hugely important that we spay cats before 1 year of age!

Finally, spaying before letting your kitten venture outside prevents unwanted pregnancies –  which helps to reduce the number of cats already in rescue centers requiring a home.

If you would like to find out more please click here. Alternatively if you would like to have your cat neutered, please call the practice on 020 8299 2388 where a member of our team can organise this for you. We can ensure your companion will receive TLC throughout their stay before being returned to you that very same day.

Neuter Your Cat For Free With Cats Protection

Do you live in SE3, SE4, SE8, SE10 or SE14 and have an un-neutered cat at home? You’re eligible for a free neutering voucher!

As a way to combat the over-population of unwanted felines in our community, Blackheath and Deptford Cats Protection are offering to cover the cost of neutering if you live in any of the above postcodes – yes, you heard correctly! You won’t have to pay the vet as the bill for neutering will be sent directly to Cats Protection. For those that live in an SE postcode but your postcode isn’t shown above, don’t panic because you might still be eligible! Call Cats Protection on 020 8853 8666 to find out if you’re eligible or to request your pet’s neutering voucher.

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