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New Year, New Pet

New Year New Pet
21/02/2018 The Neighbourhood Vet

Are you thinking about getting a new furry addition to the family?
There is so much to think about and consider before making that final decision.

Choosing the right pet:

There are so many breeds all coming with their own unique charm but also their specific individual needs. Do you want a dog that will go on those 10 mile hikes you have promised yourself as a new year’s resolution or one that just likes a little potter round the park? One that you can spend a lot of time with brain stimulation exercises and agility classes or one that is happy with just a cuddle on the sofa? And it’s not just dogs that have different personalities, cats vary massively from the very human orientated felines suiting an indoor environment with lots of humans at home to fuss them to the more independent cats  which need to have outdoor space to roam.  Rabbits make great companions also but do require a lot of work and monitoring as they have very delicate stomachs and poor husbandry can cause life threatening issues, so again research into their specific needs is required before considering them as a pet.

Suiting the right pet for you household and lifestyles  is so important – match it right and they will enrich your life and an amazing lifelong bond will form; however match it wrong and lack of mental stimulation may cause behavioural issues and frustration for you and your pet.

Research preventative care and medical costs: 

Ensure you are aware how much it costs for food, preventative care (vaccinations and parasite treatments) and also investigate insurance costs for your pet to ensure you have no financial worries if your pet is unwell.

Where to get your new pet: 

Now to find your new family member! Getting your new pet from a reputable source is very important especially if they are kittens/puppies as the first few weeks in life is critical to their development and socialising skills. If going through a breeder ask to see the mother and the environment they have grown up. Another great option is to adopt through one of the many charities, there are so many both young and older loving pets requiring new families. Getting from a charity will ensure your pet has had a health check, and is up to date with parasite and vaccination treatments and they will be comparability matched to you and your family.

Bringing your pet home:

This is such an exciting day but a very daunting one for your new pet. To make this transition as easy as possible ensure they initially have the same diet as they have been on, give them attention but also allow them time on their own if they are nervous, letting them come to you in their own time. We advise booking an appointment with your vet as soon as you can to ensure they are healthy, as well as to discuss diet and preventative care. Also importantly they can give advice about how to settle them in and tips with training and behaviour.

At the Neighbourhood Vet, on your first visit, we go through our puppy and kitten packs which give you all the information you need to settle in your newest member to the family. We have a designated preventative health club which allows you to spread the annual costs of care into 12 smaller monthly payments and we also run puppy parties which are a great way to socialise your new puppy as well as learning some basic behaviour and training.


Now it is time to enjoy your new loved one and start forming that lifelong bond that is so unique.

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