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No Bowl Feeding System

No Bowl Feeding System
21/06/2017 The Neighbourhood Vet

Introducing The New ‘NoBowl Feeding System’



I am always on the lookout for anything which will bring our feline friends more enjoyment in life so I must tell you about my new favourite cat find! Introducing the NoBowl Cat Feeding System! It’s not like anything I’ve seen on the market in terms of its potential to revolutionise the way we feed our cats and bring them way more enjoyment and satisfaction in life. And what’s great, my cat LOVES hers!

By nature, cats were not designed to eat from bowls. Their natural instinct is to hunt, play and catch their pray before they go about eating it. Hunting is an essential behaviour for a cat to perform and crucial to their wellbeing.

If you’ve watched your cat hunt you will see the prolonged nature of the intricate dance they perform with their pray.  They spend so much time playing before the kill because of the natural buzz or endorphin rush it gives them. It’s a great source of exercise for them too, which is great for our increasingly sedentary cats.  However, most of us are not keen to encourage this gruesome behaviour in our homes and are often quite distraught when our feline buddy brings us their most recent catch.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could get this enjoyment every day  in a way which also works for us? And without even having to change their food?

The awesome new  NoBowl Feeding System mimics the thrill of hunt. Instead of bowls, they have created washable, portion controlled kibble dispensers to be hidden around the house so that cats are engaged in an active form of hunting and playing with their food throughout the day. Each kit contains five NoBowls which come with a fabric “skin” in the form of a cute mouse. Cats will be more engaged and active through the game of hide and seek they will need to find their food. They will be more stimulated and fitter and they will stop bugging you to fill their bowl at all hours. Everyone is winning! There are clear instructions with the pack and it’s really straightforward to get them started and used to using the mice.

I can’t stress to you how much I love this product. We already have some of the kits in stock so do come down to get yours, your cat will thank you for it!

Written by Veterinary Surgeon Lindsay

BBC’s TV show, Trust Me, I’m A Vet, investigates the best ways to relieve anxiety in a multi-cat household by testing The NoBowl Feeding System as a method for de-stressing your cats.

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