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Nurse Clinics

Our nurse clinics are specifically designed to help you provide the very best care for your pet

When it comes to your pet there’s all sorts of things to think about isn’t there? And in the majority of cases, a little professional advice can go a long way.

At The Neighbourhood Vet we provide a number of nurse clinics offering non-judgemental advice regarding your pet’s health. We appreciate that sometimes you may need a little guidance, and for that reason we’d like to invite you to take advantage of these appointments whenever you feel necessary.* Many of these clinics are provided at no cost to you, just to give you peace of mind.

Weight Management Clinics

These clinics are a little bit like human weight watchers meetings. A nurse will weigh your pet regularly and create a personalised diet plan to help them shed the unwanted weight. Underweight animals are also invited to attend these appointments so they can reach their ideal weight.

Dental Checks

Domestic animals are highly susceptible to tooth and gum disease, especially if their oral health is being neglected. For that reason you are advised to bring your pet for a dental check-up once a year. Our nurses are all experienced in examining animals’ mouths, ensuring minimal stress and will be able to advise you on the many options to keep your pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Geriatric Clinics

As animals age they become far more susceptible to disease and other health problems. We have therefore specifically designed our geriatric clinics to monitor elderly pets’ health. During these appointments your companion will be assessed thoroughly before having blood and urine samples taken.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Our ‘puppy parties’ are extremely popular. They’re an opportunity for you and your new puppy to join a number of other puppies and their owners to learn to socialise nicely with one another. With lots of great information, training tips and a safe environment, these classes are a must for all new puppy owners.

Post-Operative Checks

If your pet has recently undergone surgery at The Neighbourhood Vet, we would like to help you keep an eye on them. No matter how minor the procedure, we always like our patients to come back for a check so we can make sure they’re healing nicely and all wounds are free from infection.

Suture Removal

If your pet has had stitches for an injury or after surgery, we would like you to bring them in to see us regularly. This is so that our nurses can keep an eye on the wound and finally remove the sutures. Thanks to the experience of the nurses at The Neighbourhood Vet, our patients find this a fun and pain-free experience.

*In some cases, once your pet has been for their routine check-up with the vet you may be advised to attend one of our nurse clinics.

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