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Blaise Callan

Blaise Callan

Veterinary Surgeon


Blaise grew up in western Canada and studied veterinary medicine in Kosice Slovakia. She graduated in June 2016 and spent some time doing volunteer work abroad after graduation. She worked in communities in Nicaragua and Nepal helping animals and their families in impoverished areas that don’t have accessible veterinary care. She then took a job here in England at a 24 hour pet hospital before joining us at the neighbourhood vet where she is settling in nicely and enjoying the London lifestyle.

As well a love of travel, Blaise has a special place in her heart for homeless animals. She has adopted a cat from Slovakia, a dog from Nepal and most recently a Rottweiler named Toast from a local charity here in England. Now she is working hard to develop her skills as a veterinarian and explore her interests in ophthalmology and dermatology.


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