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We have the best facilities to provide the best care for your pet

When it comes to the wellbeing of your pet you want to know they’re going to receive the highest level of care.

It’s important they’re treated quickly and efficiently, and one of the best ways to ensure that happens is to visit a veterinary practice equipped to deal with all problems.

Here at The Neighbourhood Vet we invest heavily in equipment and technology in order to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine. We’re able to offer a wide range of services for any animals that need our help.

“We have wonderful dental facilities and our vets are highly trained in dental care as we believe this is one of the most important aspects of veterinary work in general practice”
Amber Christie – Veterinary Surgeon

Diagnostic Equipment

State of the art diagnostic equipment including:
  • Digital x-ray – x-rays happen quickly with very little developing time, producing high resolution images. We are able to attach these to your pet’s file and show you the images in the consult room.
  • Ultrasound – We have a MyLab 40 ultrasound which enables us look deep into the organs and tissues in a non-invasive manner. This is a calm, pain-free procedure that often negates the need for further surgery.
  • All the usual toys – opthalmoscope, otoscope, ECG, Doppler blood pressure monitors, microscope, thermostatically controlled heat pads.
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Specific dental equipment for dogs, cats and rabbits:

We have a range of high tech dental equipment that enables us to de-scale, clean and remove your pet’s teeth.

Specially designed dental x-ray plates allowing us to x-ray your pet’s teeth to diagnose problems below the jaw-line.

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On-site Laboratory

Dedicated on-site laboratory including:

IDEXX haematology and biochemistry analysers – This means we can process a large number of blood samples on site and have the results with you that same day.

Equipment to test urine and faecal samples

A microscope enhanced with a digital camera – This enables us to examine slides we process in-house and to take pictures of the results. We’re able to attach images to your pet’s file, show you (if you wish) and use for comparison in the future.

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Surgical Suite

A dedicated surgical suite including:

Sevoflurane anaesthetic – This is one of the new generations of anaesthetic agents.  It is fast acting, safe with very few side effects, and is the anaesthetic agent of choice in hospitals for children.  Your pet should experience very little post-operative ‘hangover’ commonly associated with other anaesthetics and we are one of the first veterinary practices in the UK to be using this for all anaesthetics.

Blood pressure monitoring

Multi-parameter monitoring – This measures your pet’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, ECG, temperature and blood pressure.

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Separate Waiting Areas

Separate waiting areas and hospital wards for cats and dogs:

Feline hospitalisation cages made from fibreglass – These cages are warm, quiet, non-reflective and have tinted glass doors.

Dog hospitalisation cages – These range in size to accommodate all dogs from toy to giant breeds.  We also have 2 walk-in kennels with supportive mattresses for our large and giant breed patients.

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